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The Best Commercial Sod for Your Property

Many people use sod to beautify their lawns at home, but it can also be used to keep your commercial property looking fresh and appealing to visitors. Depending the type of commercial property you have, different types of sod could be more beneficial over others – and there are a lot to choose from. It is important to consider many different things when deciding which turfgrass product is right for you, including how much sun the area will get and how much foot traffic it gets. Here a...

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What Exactly IS Sod Grass?

Traditional grass seeds grow and form complicated root systems that primarily travel outwards, eventually forming blades of grass that then resurface. This is not always ideal for gardeners, who need more control of root placement under the soil. Sod on the other hand is living grass in the form of a carpet. Basically, sod is pre-planted grass whose roots go into the dirt, creating a complex knot, which forms a mat that can be extracted later on. How is Sod Formed? The term sod can be ...

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Using a Commercial Sod Farm for Your Next Turf Project

Maintaining a good looking, vibrant and healthy lawn is high on the list of importance for commercial property owners who understand the value of landscape investment. If you have plans to lay down new turf for your commercial property you have two options to consider - starting from scratch by planting seeds and waiting for it to grow OR laying down sod for instant greenery. The three main factors that will influence your decisions are time, budget and maintenance. Choosing a Sod Farm for Your ...

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Orlando Sod Replacement

Whether you own or manage a commercial building, apartment complex, restaurant, or a private residence in Orlando, an attractive lawn is appealing to your guests, customers, and potential buyers of your property. By simply replacing your sod, you can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your property, increase its value, and obtain more rental revenue. If you reside in Central Florida, you are probably already aware that sod that was once healthy can quickly deteriorate. Whether your lawn is e...

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Top 4 Summer Sod Tips for Central Florida Lawns

Summertime in Central Florida mean sunshine, barbecues and time spent outside with family and friends. But sudden summer downpours and powerful Florida humidity can cause summer landscapes to be especially susceptible to disease. To keep your lawn looking its best, here are our top four tips to keep your turfgrass healthy this summer. 1. Monitor Hydration It’s easy to think that the more water your grass has in our hot summers, the better off it is, but ove...

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