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7 Grass Types to Consider for Central Florida

While not all grasses do well in Central Florida’s subtropical climate due to high humidity, high heat, and occasional drought periods, selecting the right type of sod will help ensure your lawn looks great regardless. See what are the seven best grass types for Central Florida so you can transform your lawn into one you’re proud to have. Empire Turf Zoysia Grass EMPIRE Turf Zoysia is a Brazilian zoysia japonica. It has a lush green color and fine, tight blade growth that is soft to ...

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6 Steps for Turfgrass Installation in Central Florida

Properly installing turfgrass in your Central Florida lawn is essential for getting optimal performance and protecting your investment. The installation process usually takes up to two days: the first day to prepare the sod and the second day to complete the installation. Below are six steps for turfgrass installation to ensure your lawn not only looks great but also to protect your wallet from costly mistakes. 1. Do a Soil Test A beautiful lawn starts with good soil. Give your lawn ideal growin...

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Tips for Maintaining St. Augustine Sod in Your Florida Lawn

St. Augustine grass is a common choice for lawns across the southern United States, especially in Florida. That is because it has an excellent ability to thrive in tropical and even sub-tropical climates as well as being an attractive bright green grass. While it grows easily in these climates, it does still require some maintenance to keep it healthy and looking its best. Here are some tips on maintaining your Florida St. Augustine grass: St. Augustine grass requires seasonal care to be at its ...

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Where Is the Best Place to Find St. Augustine Sod for Sale?

Are you ready to have a new, better lawn – just in time for summer? St. Augustine sod is one of the most popular options for Central Florida lawns. That’s because St. Augustine grass is native to Florida, making it well suited for our intensely hot summers. It also comes in several different variations, allowing you to choose the perfect type of grass for your needs. Whether you choose the Bitterblue, Palmetto, Seville, or Floratam variation depends on the type of lawn or field you&#...

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Best Time to Sod in Central Florida

Creating your lawn masterpiece is easy when you’ve decided to have Central Florida sod installed. Local sod gives you that lush, green grass you want without worrying if it’ll work with your environment. But when is the best time to lay sod so that it can root without stress and start growing just like in the Home and Garden? Here are some options you have for when to lay sod and what differentiates them: Spring Noted as a favorite time of year for laying sod, spring’s mild tem...

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