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How to Select a Turfgrass for Shady Lawns

Central Florida gets a lot of sunshine but that doesn’t mean every lawn receives the same amount of sunlight due to shade from trees or buildings. Before buying any turfgrass, make sure it’s a variety that matches how much sunlight your lawn receives to achieve green, fresh grass. See our tips below for determining sunlight requirements, selecting a turfgrass that is shade-friendly, and maintaining the turfgrass to protect your investment. Sunlight Requirements It’s crucial to ...

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7 Grass Types to Consider for Central Florida

While not all grasses do well in Central Florida’s subtropical climate due to high humidity, high heat, and occasional drought periods, selecting the right type of sod will help ensure your lawn looks great regardless. See what are the seven best grass types for Central Florida so you can transform your lawn into one you’re proud to have. Empire Turf Zoysia Grass EMPIRE Turf Zoysia is a Brazilian zoysia japonica. It has a lush green color and fine, tight blade growth that is soft to ...

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Where Is the Best Place to Find St. Augustine Sod for Sale?

Are you ready to have a new, better lawn – just in time for summer? St. Augustine sod is one of the most popular options for Central Florida lawns. That’s because St. Augustine grass is native to Florida, making it well suited for our intensely hot summers. It also comes in several different variations, allowing you to choose the perfect type of grass for your needs. Whether you choose the Bitterblue, Palmetto, Seville, or Floratam variation depends on the type of lawn or field you&#...

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Best Time to Sod in Central Florida

Creating your lawn masterpiece is easy when you’ve decided to have Central Florida sod installed. Local sod gives you that lush, green grass you want without worrying if it’ll work with your environment. But when is the best time to lay sod so that it can root without stress and start growing just like in the Home and Garden? Here are some options you have for when to lay sod and what differentiates them: Spring Noted as a favorite time of year for laying sod, spring’s mild tem...

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Best Types of Turfgrass for Central Florida

Updated 3/14/2019 Choosing the best grass type for your Central Florida lawn requires more planning and research than you might think. Understanding which grass type is ideal for your home, you should do you research. Before you decide on the right sod for your lawn, take a minute to answer these questions: How much time do you plan to spend on maintenance? Mowing, watering, fertilizing, watching for bugs, fungus or disease Are there physical or environmental limitations? No irrigation system, d...

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What Are Warm Season Grasses? Understanding Florida Sod Types

Warm season grasses originally come from tropical regions, which is why they thrive so well in the high temperatures and bright sunshine here in Florida. These grasses grow best when temperatures are between 75-90°, meaning they do most of their growing in the summer. During the cooler months, after heavy freeze or frost, they go dormant and turn brown, returning to their green brilliance once it’s warm again in the spring. The major grasses in this category are Bahia grass, Bermudagr...

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Go Green this Spring with Turf Grass

Did you know you that adding turfgrass to your lawn can help your carbon footprint? Studies show that turfgrass can make a big impact on the environment, from urban to open areas. In smaller communities or urban areas, sod can do numerous things, including reducing energy consumption, mitigating the heat island effect commonly found in cities, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions – all of which contribute to efforts to reduce global warming. In larger lawns and other open areas, turfgrass...

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The Best Commercial Sod for Your Property

Many people use sod to beautify their lawns at home, but it can also be used to keep your commercial property looking fresh and appealing to visitors. Depending the type of commercial property you have, different types of sod could be more beneficial over others – and there are a lot to choose from. It is important to consider many different things when deciding which turfgrass product is right for you, including how much sun the area will get and how much foot traffic it gets. Here a...

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What Exactly IS Sod Grass?

Traditional grass seeds grow and form complicated root systems that primarily travel outwards, eventually forming blades of grass that then resurface. This is not always ideal for gardeners, who need more control of root placement under the soil. Sod on the other hand is living grass in the form of a carpet. Basically, sod is pre-planted grass whose roots go into the dirt, creating a complex knot, which forms a mat that can be extracted later on. How is Sod Formed? The term sod can be ...

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3 Most Common Questions About Sod

If you’re looking to get a lush, beautiful lawn in Florida, sod could be your best option. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about sod. What’s the Difference Between Sod and Regular Grass? Our sod grass is planted at our Central Florida sod farm and then is removed carefully from the ground in sections that are held together by the roots. This allows the sod to be replanted easily in a new location, such as your lawn. And because the sod is fully matured, o...

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How Central Florida Sod is Good for the Environment

You might not think that residential or commercial lawns are good for the environment, but the truth is these dense, healthy lawns are a wonderful part of a healthy ecosystem. These lush lawns absorb rainfall 2,000 times better than bare soil. Subsequently, they prevent erosion of our topsoil and stop additional phosphorous from finding its way into our rivers and lakes. Sod is Cool Literally. When planting a new sod lawn, you are planting well-established grass, which has an immediate cooling e...

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Two Favorite Central Florida Sod Varieties

Central Florida is an amazing place to live - warm weather, stunning lakes and short distances to gorgeous beaches. But that warm weather makes it difficult for natural grass to flourish, leaving sod as one of the best options for your business or home to have a manicured lawn. Sod is grass and part of the soil beneath it that is cultivated on special sod farms, such as Lake Jem Farms, and is quickly installed into its new location. It’s commonly used on golf course and residential yards. ...

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Sod Installation in Central Florida Summer

Summer is here. Kids are out of school, the beach is calling, and you may be thinking about having some barbecues and pool days. But if your yard isn’t up to par, you may be thinking about replacing your sod. One of the biggest benefits of sod is that you can almost immediately start enjoying your lush, beautiful yard instead of waiting months and months for seed to grow. Installing sod can really help your yard stand out, but installing it in the Florida summer heat can be tricky, which i...

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Empire Zoysia Sod for Your Central Florida Lawn

Florida is a Southern state that has a particularly tough time when it comes to achieving naturally growing, aesthetically pleasing grass. Incredibly hot temperatures lead to dried out lawns and bugs seeking shelter and moisture from the grass. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your sparse yard, then Empire Zoysia sod may be the perfect match for your needs. Resodding your lawn with Empire Zoysia sod can benefit your lawn and life in a few different ways: Reduce dirt and allerg...

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Choosing a Central Florida Sod Farm

You might know the feeling… grass envy. Staring over at your neighbor’s lawn, perplexed as to why your yard doesn’t quite match up to theirs despite your best efforts. Even if you’ve laid down turfgrass before, the unfortunate truth is that turfgrass quality fluctuates. It can be high-end and plush, all the way down to low-grade, rough and scratchy. Some homebuilders decide to go for low-quality grass to cut corners and save money, but in the end, you are resigned to an u...

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St. Augustine Turfgrass for Shady Lawns

St. Augustine grass is arguably the most popular choice for lawns throughout the southern United States, and it displays a high shade tolerance when compared to most other varieties of grass. Of the different varieties cultivars of St. Augustine, the most shade tolerant includes Seville , Palmetto , and Bitter Blue . These shade-tolerant cultivars also do well in direct sunlight, which is important for Central Florida lawns. These cultivars tolerate and persist in areas within a lawn with only 6...

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St. Augustine Turfgrass Facts for Central Florida

St. Augustine grass forms a very dense lawn that feels great under bare feet. It is a warm-season turfgrass, native to the coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico – making it great for Central Florida because it is best in sub-tropical coastal regions with mild winters and plenty of rainfall. This type of grass will survive with little maintenance, but with a little extra care, it makes a thick, lush lawn. While it is more shade tolerant than other warm-season grasses, it grows best in full s...

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Sod vs Seed: Which is Better for Your Florida Lawn?

Home improvement doesn’t only include your house. For many Floridians, having a beautiful, manicured lawn gives you the curb appeal that everyone desires. Getting your lawn into tip-top shape for summer means you’ll have the perfect setting for a family BBQ or for the kids to get out and play. Getting this pristine yard is where the question lies. Which is better - sod or seed? Time Sod can be a great option to create a lush and quick option to get your yard ready for the outdoor sea...

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Central Florida Commercial Sod Installation

Buying sod for your commercial property is a big investment. That’s why buying high quality, local sod from a Central Florida sod farm and ensuring it is installed properly is so important; not only for the initial appearance of the grass, but for the longevity of your investment. Be sure that your sod and sod installation is as easy and painless as possible with these few tips: Manage Your Time For a large commercial property installation, you need the right amount of manpower and time to...

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Where to Buy Sod in Central Florida

Ready to enhance your curb appeal with a new lawn, but don’t know where to buy sod, or even what kind is the best for your lawn? Our experts gathered some tips about shopping for sod in Central Florida. Buy Local Choosing to buy your sod from a local, Central Florida sod farm is your best option for a few reasons. The first reason is that it is going to cost less when you minimize the transportation expenses. Second, as a living organism, sod is at risk during long transportation and can p...

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Installing Dormant Sod

Dormant Sod During the winter months here at Lake Jem Farms Inc, the sod selection of warm season turf grasses may enter into a dormancy state. Dormancy state means that the warm season turf grass has been exposed to severe frost or freezing temperature conditions. When this happens, the turf grass shoots above ground level appear brown with little to no evidence of greenery. The appearance of brown turf grass shoots does not indicate that the grass is dead or will not recover; instead, this is ...

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Getting Ready for Spring

The cold weather has finally hit in Central Florida, and you may notice your lawn starting to look a little sparse. If this is the case, you may be considering either sowing new grass seed or laying sod once the weather starts to warm back up in the spring. If you are planning on laying sod a great option for many people as it creates a virtually instant lawn for you to enjoy the looks of once you have laid it down , there are some steps that you will want to take as soon as you are able to. The...

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Bahamas Grass

While Empire Zoysia Turf Grass is the most popular of the turf grasses available through Lake Jem Farms, our Bahamas grasses are still a popular choice for many people looking to add sod to their commercial or residential lawn spaces. While Bahama grass is also referred to as Bermuda grass, devil’s grass, couch grass, and dog’s tooth grass. It is not native to the Bahamas or Bermuda, in fact, it is actually native to north and est Africa, Asia, Australia and southern Europe, although...

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Picking Zoysia Sod for your Property

No two types of sod are alike. At Lake Jem Farms, we realize this and try to find the best sod possible for your project - whether it be for the yard of your brand new home, or for the grassy area outside of your office building. For a type of sod to thrive in the Central Florida area, it must be compatible with our sub-tropical climate, which features high humidity, high heat, and even short drought periods that can brown many types of grass in the long run. Some of the most popular grasses for...

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Is Zoysia Turf Grass Right for Your Commercial Property?

Zoysia Turf Grass is fast becoming a popular commercial grass for Central Florida - in fact, it is actually Lake Jem Farms number one selling turf grass. One of the biggest reasons that this grass is popular is because of its softness - few other turf grasses compare with how soft to the touch Zoysia turf grass is, especially for a hardy grass that can handle the sub-tropical climate of Central Florida. Zoysia turf grass has evolved from creeping grasses common in southeast and east Asia and Aus...

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Is Bermuda Grass Right For You?

Bermuda Grass is the most common name for the Cynodon dactylon grass. This grass is native to north and east Africa, Asia, Australia, and southern Europe. From there, it became an invasive species in Bermuda, and then came to North America, where the name Bermuda Grass stuck. In other parts of the world, it is also called dubo, dog’s tooth grass, Bahama grass, devil’s grass, couch grass, or scutch grass. The natural version of Bermuda grass is known for its grey-green colored blades ...

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What is Bermuda Grass?

Many people have heard of Bermuda grass, but are unsure what it is. Bermuda grass is actually a common term for cynodon dactylon, or durva grass. It is sometimes also called Bahama grass, devil’s grass, crutch grass, or dog’s tooth grass, depending on the part of the world. It is native to north and east Asia, Africa, Australia, and southern Europe. Since then it became an invasive species in Bermuda, taking up much of the lands, and giving it its common nickname as it came to North ...

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What is Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia grass is fast becoming one of the most popular sods for Florida lawns, as well as lawns throughout the southeast. At Lake Jem Farms, we provide our customers with the Empire Turf Zoysia variation of Zoysia sod and turf grass. Empire Turf Zoysia was originally developed in Brazil, although it has been brought to America as it not only thrives in harsh tropical climates but also has excellent cold hardiness. The Empire Turf Zoysia variation of Zoysia sod provides a soft-to-touch feel and a ...

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The History of Zoysia Sod

In the past, we’ve told you the advantages of adding Zoysia sod to your yard. As a sod for your yard, Zoysia provides a soft-to-the-touch feel and attractive lush green coloring for your yard. But it is just as strong as it is soft, with a thick root structure and great drought tolerance, as well as natural chinch bug and chemical resistance. It also has a low growth habit, meaning it can form dense mats and mounds over low features. This is a nice contrast to other popular residential sod...

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Best Options for Commercial Sod

Many people use sod to beautify their home lawns, but it can also be used to keep a commercial property looking nice and fresh. Depending on what kind of commercial property you have, you should use different types of sod . It is important to consider many different things when deciding which turf grass is right for you, including how much sun the area will get and how much traffic the grass will see. There are three types of sod that are the most popular for commercial applications: Empire Turf...

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Bahia Grass: A Popular Floridian Type

Previously, we told you about St. Augustine grass , the most popular type of grass in Florida. We have also previously written about Empire Zoysia , a new and upcoming grass breed that many people have decided to install in their yards. But there are still other options for adding sod to your yard if neither of these floats your boat. Bahia Grass has been used in the United States for almost a century, as it was introduced from Brazil in 1914 as a grass mainly used in pastures and in sandy areas...

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Advantages of Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia turf grass is a popular option when it comes to putting down sod in your yard. Why is this? For starters, it is highly adaptable – not only does it deal well with the warm climate in the southern United States, but it also exhibits good to excellent cold tolerance. Its genertic makeup allows it to perform better than other Zoysia types in the south, and it loves heat and humidity. Besides this, it is also very low maintenance. A standard rotary motor can be used on weekends t...

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Advantages of Small Business Over Big Box Stores

Many people assume the best place to pick up sod for their lawn is one of the big box stores, without doing any of the research. Big box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot lure people in with their promise of savings by buying in bulk, and people think that these companies can offer better prices to them because they have so much buying power in the market. But that is not always the case. Take the time to compare the prices – for example, you would find that Lake Jem’s costs...

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Empire Zoysia Turf Grass - The Grass of the Future

If you are shopping around for new turf grass for your lawn, you might have heard of Empire Zoysia. But why is it a good option? Some have nicknamed the Empire Zoysia the "EZ Grass, can it certainly lives up to that moniker, as there are many advantages to adding this grass to your property." First of all, it is easy to keep in good condition. It tolerates extreme wear, making it perfect not only for your yard, but also for other high traffic commercial areas, including golf courses, roadsides, ...

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Curb Appeal - Adding Value to Your Home

With the housing marketing still struggling to recover homeowners need to do everything they can to make their home attractive to potential buyers. One of the most important things is your landscaping! You know what they say about first impressions. If a buyer pulls up in front of your house and the first thing they see is a dead or dying lawn you have lost the first round of the war. Even if the inside of your home is exactly what they are looking for, they are already approaching your home wit...

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Florida Turfgrass - Which Type is Best for Your Lawn

All turfgrass is not created equal. You want your grass to not only look green, but also be able to withstand high humidity, high heat, and sometimes short drought periods that are common to Florida. With these extreme weather conditions to worry about, you need to know which types of turfgrass will survive best in your lawn. St. Augustine and Bermudagrass are often the most popular turfgrass types. St. Augustine grass is native to Florida, and comes in many variations, including Palmetto, Bitte...

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