Is Zoysia Turf Grass Right for Your Commercial Property?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zoysia Turf Grass is fast becoming a popular commercial grass for Central Florida - in fact, it is actually Lake Jem Farms number one selling turf grass.  One of the biggest reasons that this grass is popular is because of its softness - few other turf grasses compare with how soft to the touch Zoysia turf grass is, especially for a hardy grass that can handle the sub-tropical climate of Central Florida.

Zoysia turf grass has evolved from creeping grasses common in southeast and east Asia and Australasia.  The overall genus of this grass can tolerate a wide variety of temperatures as well as exposure to sunlight and water, making it common in many temperate climates.  It also requires less fertilization compared to other grasses like St. Augustine grass, and is less prone to insect and fungus damage as well.

As a commercial product, it is perfect for parks as well as other recreational areas.  We provide Zoysia turf grass to our customers at our three full service sod farm distribution centers located in South and Central Florida, and would love to work with you on a regular basis or for a single order.  We make the process of adding sod to a new space or re-sodding an area that has previously had other grass on it as quick and painless as possible, providing you with quick delivery of your sod products as well as competitive pricing for any amount of sod you may need.

Another advantage of choosing Lake Jem Farms for your commercial Zoysia turf grass needs is the fact that we offer wholesale pricing to landscaping contractors, meaning we offer some of the best prices for quality sod in Central Florida.

So if you are interested in learning more about Zoysia Turf Grass and how it can be used for your residential or commercial applications, contact us today to receive a free estimate and see what the professionals at Lake Jem Farms can do for you.


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