What is Zoysia Grass?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zoysia grass is fast becoming one of the most popular sods for Florida lawns, as well as lawns throughout the southeast.  At Lake Jem Farms, we provide our customers with the Empire Turf Zoysia variation of Zoysia sod and turf grass.  Empire Turf Zoysia was originally developed in Brazil, although it has been brought to America as it not only thrives in harsh tropical climates but also has excellent cold hardiness.

The Empire Turf Zoysia variation of Zoysia sod provides a soft-to-touch feel and a lush green color.  The blade growth from Empire Turf Zoysia is fine and tight, making it an attractive type of turf grass for not only residential properties but for commercial sod applications as well.  In fact, it is so durable and aesthetically pleasing that it is often used for golf courses, theme parks, master planned communities, office complexes, and other commercial areas.

The reasons it is great for commercial properties mirror the reasons you may want to add Empire Turf Zoysia to your own lawn.  It can accommodate a variety of activities once it has been established, as it has a deep root structure and is resistant against wear and tear.

The deep root structure also helps it to be more tolerant to drought than other varieties of Zoysia grass after it has been established.  It also has natural resistance against chinch bugs and chemicals, and it has a slower vertical growth pattern than other grasses, meaning it requires less maintenance, mowing, and watering than many other varieties of warm season grasses.

If you are considering getting Empire Turf Zoysia or any other type of sod or turf grass for your Central Florida lawn, it is important to talk to an expert.  The staff at Lake Jem Farms will be happy to assist you in your decision, as well as the installation of the sod and the aftercare of the product.


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