Central Florida Turfgrass Products

Isn’t one turfgrass the same as another?

The answer is no! Not all turfgrasses are alike and understanding the differences can be what separates a great looking lawn from a not so great looking lawn. Florida’s weather is why we live here however not all grasses do well in our sub-tropical climate. High humidity, high heat and sometimes short drought periods can wreak havoc on your yard unless you invest in the right type of sod.
Lake Jem Farms has spent years growing the best grass types for our Florida weather.  These turfgrasses include:
Lake Jem Farms has spent years growing the best grass types for our Florida weather
All of these grasses have some level of drought resistance however some are higher than others.  Certain turfgrass types are better for shaded yards and others for full sunlight.  There is a variety of colors ranging from light green to a blue-green and grass blade sizes from short and wide to long and narrow. Some grass types are better at resisting bugs such as EMPIRE Turf™ zoysia grass or Floratam St. Augustine.  Who knew picking grass could be so complicated?
Ongoing maintenance should be a consideration as well and the professional staff at Lake Jem Farms can help you understand the best way to keep your lawn looking its best! We are a leading sod farm and installation company with four locations throughout Central Florida!
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