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I just want to thank you and your crew for the removal and replacement of sod at Lake Eola. The park looks great!!

I appreciate you working with my staff and the other departments with the City. It is not easy scheduling with Parking and Solid Waste departments for bagging meters and ensuring the dumpsters were brought and emptied. I know it had to slow your crews down and I appreciate your patience. Your crews did an excellant job and the Eola Park will look great for the NBA Allstar events at the Park.

Thank you again for all your coordination and keeping me abreast of any changes. It makes my job much easier when I can work with contractors of your caliper.

Have a great day!!

Julie Iooss
Horticulture & Irrigation Program Manager

City of Orlando Parks Division
1206 Columbia St.
Orlando, Florida



Thank you for such prompt and extremely reasonable pricing. This is a refreshing experience. I really appreciate the technological aspect of conveying the information. I do not discount the value of face-to-face interaction and prefer it, but there is a place for this approach and this is it.

I also want to thank Keith as well. If either of you need anything from me please call on me, that is not an off-the-cuff comment. Please never hesitate to call.

Have at it.”

David Jordan



Thank you for all your team’s efforts. I know it was short notice and I apologize for that but things are moving on a day to day basis. The installation crew were very polite and attentive to my directions and worked very hard, especially Gil, the crew manager. I can’t believe how fast they put the sod down. I’ve attached the photos of the new landscape. I can’t wait to see it in a year. The Jimenez’s are very, very pleased.

I have three more homes going up, the new Southern Home for the International Builders Show in January, and two homes in Seminole County for late summer. So I will be in touch.” Thank you again.


Teresa Watkins


“Thanks Tommy.

The pictures look amazing. Your e-mail arrived after I’d left for Florida so I’ve seen the real thing and I am impressed. I still appreciate the pictures. I’ll print them out for a record of how awful the yard looked before and how good afterwards. Sandy was full of enthusiasm for your professionalism. I also got your message to reset the sprinkler system to alternate days. When you want it to go onto the regular Mount Dora schedule if you’d let Sandy know he’ll see to it. If we don’t hear from you I’ll assume that in three weeks it can go to the regular schedule. I met with my sprinkler man and he showed me the changes he’d made to ensure adequate coverage so I hope everything is now in order for the yard to continue to do you credit.

I’ll get the cheque off first thing tomorrow. Just send me an e-mail when you get it so that I know that it has arrived. Once again, thanks to everyone involved for a good job well done. I’ll recommend you at every opportunity.”


Enid Owens


“You and your crew were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend your services, material and timely installation. Please have them call me anytime to discuss our experience with Lake Jem Farms”


Dear, Tommy,

Thanks for working with me in replacing the sod at the Villages of Royal Palm. The material was excellent and the installation couldn’t have been better. Other companies we’ve used didn’t have the quality, use a sod cutter for removal and for sure didn’t roll it in.

You and your crew were a pleasure to work with. The staging of the material was done with very little traffic disruption. I highly recommend your services to any organization or individual that is looking for a high quality professional service, material and timely installation. Please have them call me anytime to discuss our experience with Lake Jem Farms.


Charles Kasza


“Let tommy know his guys did a great job.”

Luis Cortes


 “Thank you! We are pleased with the sod and were happy with the installation crew. We are trying to get our neighbor to give you a call.”

☺  Debbie Ginther


“I am pleased to share some shots of the workers in action. Feel free to use any you might want.I believe a couple of my neighbors have already contacted you for possible purchase of Zoysia. The whole neighborhood has been coming down to look it over and I would not be surprised if you pick up several more jobs here in Indigo East in the near future.

Thank you for doing a professional job for us.”

Jim Cox

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