Central Florida Residential Sod

When you live in Central Florida, you need to make sure your residential sod can take the heat. The beauty of landscaping isn’t in just trees or flowers. Damaged, worn or neglected grass is nothing but noticeable and can quickly kill the beautiful color and feel of your lawn. With four locations throughout Central Florida, Lake Jem Farms can help you create a new lawn that will outshine the rest of the neighborhood.

Whether this is a new lawn or you need to re-sod, at Lake Jem Farms, we specialize in not only getting you the perfect grass for your home, but in helping you keeping that grass green and fresh. Known to be one of the top sod installation companies in Central Florida, it is our promise that you will get nothing but the best sod available. While other companies are resellers letting their sod sit around, all our sod types are freshly grown and go straight to you when you are ready.
Central Florida Residential Sod

No matter what you are looking for, be it bug resistant, cold or heat resistant, drought resistant sod, a special feel,  special color or all of the above, we have the high quality sod you are looking for and will bring it directly to you and even install it. Maybe you are looking for one of the sturdy native grasses of St. Augustine - Seville, FloratamBitterblue or Palmetto, perhaps you are looking for something soft between your toes like Empire Zoysia, or it could be that you are looking for something durable and long lasting like the drought, disease and insect resistant Bahia Grass. You can rest assured that no matter the sod you are looking for, at Lake Jem Farms, it comes fresh and installed quickly and simply.

Contact Lake Jem Farms today or call 352-383-7196 and turn your lawn into something beautiful!

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