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5 Best Reasons to Choose Sod Over Seed

Dec 22, 0201 | Lawn Care

Is your lawn looking thin or patchy? You may be searching for the solution that is best for you and your lawn. Many homeowners are in similar positions and face the same question; sod or natural grass seed?

In this article, we’ll review some of the reasons you would choose sod over seed.


1. Less Labor Intensive

One of the benefits of sod is that it is less labor intensive than seeding. Seeding can often take many attempts to get the seed to stick, and even then it could come through patchy or mingled with weeds.

2. Instant Results

As mentioned before, seeding can take a while to get it right. With sod, an average size lawn can be laid down within a couple of hours and be ready to use in a couple of weeks. Natural seeds can take months to grow before the lawn is fully functional.

3. Professionally Grown

Sod is grown by professional Florida sod farms, such as Lake Jem Farms. We ensure the grass is grown in the best soil, that the grass is fertilized as needed, and watered regularly. These steps help develop the grasses’ root structure and will help your grass maintain health long after being laid.

4. Plant Anytime

Another positive aspect of sod is that it can be laid down anytime of year (although some times are better than others depending on the type of sod you choose) while seed may not be able to grow during harsh summers or chilly winters.

5. More Lush and Beautiful Lawn

The biggest reason that sod is better than natural grass seed is that in sod farms the blades of grass are grown closely together, creating a lush and gorgeous lawn as the final result. Seed can often be too spread out, causing bare patches and dirt spots that would need to be reseeded.