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When You Should Plant Sod in Central Florida

Feb 26, 2020 | Turfgrass Products

Central Florida’s seasons may not be as varied as they are up north, but that doesn’t mean that you should plant sod without paying attention to the weather. Like any project, preparation is key for achieving successful results. See the importance of timing for sod installation and what time of the year is best to plant sod in Central Florida for a great-looking lawn.

Why Timing Matters

Sod is an investment which is why selecting the right time of year to plant it is essential for protecting your investment. Cold temperatures should be avoided because it doesn’t give the growing conditions that sod needs to flourish and hot temperatures can zap moisture from the soil making it harder for roots to establish. In addition to temperature, soil conditions also need to be considered because sod needs to be laid on a firm layer of rich topsoil or evenly moist compost.

The Best Time of Year to Plant Sod

A good time to plant sod is when the weather is warm and there’s enough moisture. Here are the seasons ranked best to worst for planting sod in Central Florida.

The season’s mild temperatures and rainfall nurture the sod and allow the roots to establish. It has the best potential for grass to grow without drying out.

Spring: The season’s mild temperatures and rainfall nurture the sod and allow the roots to establish. It has the best potential for grass to grow without drying out.

Fall: Temperatures are cooler than the summer but warmer than the winter so conditions are favorable for roots. Make sure that the sod is evenly moist to promote growth.

Summer: Maintaining moisture is crucial if you plant sod during the summer. Heatwaves and drought can decrease moisture so it’s important that the sod doesn’t dry out.

Winter: Like summer, it’s possible to plant sod at this time but it requires some diligence like monitoring water levels.

Although spring and fall are considered the best time of year to plant sod in Central Florida, it can be done year-round as long as proper preparations are taken. Working with sod professionals will ensure that your sod is planted properly to encourage growth, regardless of the season.

Sod Installation in Central Florida

Achieve lush, beautiful grass any time of year with the sod installation professionals at Lake Jem Farm in Central Florida. We can even help you select the best turfgrass for your lawn based on sunlight exposure, soil conditions, maintenance upkeep, and more. Contact us online or call 352-383-7196 today for information about sod installation services for a healthy lawn.

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