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How Many Pallets of Sod Do I Need?

Aug 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

Whether you’re installing sod yourself or comparing companies to install it for you, you will want to know how much sod to buy. The Lake Jem Farms, Sod/Pallet calculator makes it easy.  Just enter the dimensions of the space and it will tell you how many pallets you need. 

Measuring tips: 

Areas of the property to be sodded are often square or rectangular or a combination of them, Like an “L” shaped area. The easiest way to measure that is to break it down into individual rectangular areas. Then calculate the sod needed for each area.  Simply total the number of pallets needed for each individual area for the total number of pallets needed.

If the area to be sodded is an odd shape you can break down areas to measure into different shapes such as a rectangle and a triangle. If you have a half-circle area, Simply measure the radius (the distance from the center to the edge) input that into the calculator and then divide the number of calculated pallets by two.   

The Lake Jem Farms Sod/Pallet Calculator can compute all three of the shapes typically needed.

Remember you always want to overestimate from 5% to 10% to cover those extra little areas and to ensure you have plenty of sod. 


Sod Pallet Calculator

Square/Rectagle Area: Length (ft)
Width (ft)

Circle Area:
Radius (ft)

Triangle Area:
Base (ft)
Height (ft)

Total Sq. Ft

Total Sq. yd

No. of Pallets

If you need additional help with a more accurate measure, please request a consultation and we will be happpy to help!