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Advantages of Small Business Over Big Box Stores

Apr 12, 0201 | Turfgrass Products

Many people assume the best place to pick up sod for their lawn is one of the big box stores, without doing any of the research. Big box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot lure people in with their promise of savings by buying in bulk, and people think that these companies can offer better prices to them because they have so much buying power in the market. But that is not always the case. Take the time to compare the prices – for example, you would find that Lake Jem’s costs for not only pallets of sod but also delivery are much cheaper than what you would find at these large chains. There are other advantages as well.
While big box stores may advertise discounts on one small item or another, they bet on the average customer purchasing other items that they don’t need while in the store, helping them profit in the long run. Many locally owned and operated stores will not only match but beat the prices of chain stores. Also, they hand pick their products, meaning your quality and price will be vastly better than what you could get at a larger home improvement store.
Besides the price and quality, the shopping experience itself and level of customer service is also different. While big box stores hire employees with great customer service, you will not always get the same level of personal service that you will with a smaller, local store. Local stores are often more willing to work with your needs, and remember you for years to come.