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Best Types of Turfgrass for Central Florida

Mar 14, 2019 | Turfgrass Products

Choosing the best grass type for your Central Florida lawn requires more planning and research than you might think. Understanding which grass type is ideal for your home, you should do you research. Before you decide on the right sod for your lawn, take a minute to answer these questions:

• How much time do you plan to spend on maintenance?
(Mowing, watering, fertilizing, watching for bugs, fungus or disease)

• Are there physical or environmental limitations?
(No irrigation system, deep shade, soil pH is very low or high)

• What do you use your lawn for?
(Kids running around, as a show piece, or just something to cover the ground)

Once you’ve decided what you type of lawn you want, you can start to look at your different options for Central Florida sod that will help you achieve the perfect yard.

Here are a few of the turfgrasses that we grow right here in Central Florida that will suit your Florida lawn impeccably:

1. St. Augustine Grass 

As one of the most common types of grass in Central Florida, St. Augustine grass has adapted to its warm, humid environment. It can grow well in a wide variety of soil but thrives best in well-drained, fertile soil. There are a few different varieties of St. Augustine grass, which include BitterblueFloratamPalmetto and Seville.

St. Augustine is a very attractive, dark green grass with broad, flat blades that can form a dense layer. It typically crowds out most weeds and other competing grasses.

St. Augustine grass is popular in residential, commercial and recreational venues – from homes to office complexes and parks to golf courses.

2. Bahia Grass

Second most common grass in Central Florida is the bahia grass. Great as an all-purpose grass, bahia grass is very popular as a Florida sod for its ability to survive heavy drought periods due to its extensive root system. It is also able to live in sandy soil and doesn’t require constant fertilizing, making it a low maintenance option.

Another plus to this grass type is that it is less susceptible to fungal infections or insect problems.

3. Zoysia Turf

Though not as common in Central Florida, zoysia grass is considered one of the most beautiful lawns in the South. With very dense, fine blades, zoyia grass gives a soft-to-the-touch feel along with its lush appearance. Even though it is soft, this type of Florida grass is also very tough and can withstand a variety of activities.

At Lake Jem Farms we have EMPIRE Zoysia® sod for sale. EMPIRE is much more drought-resistant than other types of zoysia grass and has a slower vertical growth. That in addition to its natural chinch bug and chemical resistance means that your lawn will require less maintenance than with other types of warm season grass.

4. Bermuda Grass 

A favorite amongst landscapers in Central Florida, golf courses and athletic fields, Bermuda grass is known for its strength and durability. This type of grass is perfect for a high-trafficked lawn. It is also easy to care for with high drought tolerance, adaptability to light-moderate shade, and a low growing habit. Lake Jem Farms has two varieties of Bermuda grass sod for sale, Tifway 419 and Celebration Bermuda grass.