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Empire Zoysia Turf Grass – The Grass of the Future

Mar 20, 2012 | Turfgrass Products

If you are shopping around for new turf grass for your lawn, you might have heard of Empire Zoysia.  But why is it a good option?  Some have nicknamed the Empire Zoysia the “EZ Grass, can it certainly lives up to that moniker, as there are many advantages to adding this grass to your property.”    

First of all, it is easy to keep in good condition.  It tolerates extreme wear, making it perfect not only for your yard, but also for other high traffic commercial areas, including golf courses, roadsides, amenity areas and more.  It also requires less mowing than other turf grasses, making it an ideal choice for slopes or other hard to maintain areas.  It can handle the sun or the shade as well.  It still thrives in moderate shade, and can handle drought conditions.  Temperature changes are also not a problem for Empire Zoysia turf grass, as it stays stable even when the temperature drops below freezing.    
Empire Zoysia is fast growing as well.  It is easy to install, coming in strong turf rolls or slabs, and can be added to either sandy or clay soil types, making it very versatile.  It is highly resistant to diseases and pests too.  It does not show any symptoms of many diseases common to other types of turf grasses, and is more resistant to grubs and other pests that may enter other turf lawns.  While it is resistant to these things, it is not completely immune, and it is important to watch out for signs of pest problems.  Besides pests and diseases, this tough turf grass also out competes many weeds.     
Despite creating a thick lawn, Empire Zoysia does not create thatching or scalping in the long like other zoysia grasses.  It has a beautiful color, and maintains it year round, even when the weather is cold, unlike many other types of turf grass.  It is also known for having finer blades than many other grasses.    
With all these advantages of Empire Zoysia, how could you consider another grass for your lawn?