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Florida Turfgrass – Which Type is Best for Your Lawn

Mar 4, 2011 | Turfgrass Products

All turfgrass is not created equal.  You want your grass to not only look green, but also be able to withstand high humidity, high heat, and sometimes short drought periods that are common to Florida.  With these extreme weather conditions to worry about, you need to know which types of turfgrass will survive best in your lawn.

St. Augustine and Bermudagrass are often the most popular turfgrass types. St. Augustine grass is native to Florida, and comes in many variations, including Palmetto, Bitterblue, Seville, and Floratam. Palmetto grass is known to be tolerant of almost all the elements that can be thrown its way on a lawn, from frost to heat to drought.  Bitterblue is known for being a green to blue-green shade, with a fine, dense texture, and is adaptable to most soil and climatic regions in Florida. Seville grass is known for being the most shade resistant turf grass among the St. Augustine types. Finally, Floratam is one of the most common turf grasses used, as it was specifically designed for hot humid climates.  All of the St. Augustine grasses are also known for their fine textures, making them a great choice for your lawn.

Bermuda grass types include Celebration and Tifway 419 grasses.  Celebration Bermudagrass is known for being adaptable to light-moderate shade as well as droughts.  Tifway 419 is popular with both homeowners and for commercial uses because it has excellent wear tolerance, handles high traffic and has a high drought tolerance.

It is important to do your research on the types of grass available to you before selecting one for your home.  Look at your lawn and assess not only the weather conditions but also its use.  Lots of trees?  A Seville St. Augustine grass might be the choice for you. Do you have young children who will be playing outside on it?  You might want to lean towards the Tifway 419. By selecting the right turfgrass, you will be able to enjoy your yard for years to come.