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Herbicides and Pesticides – What to Use?

Oct 21, 2015 | Lawn Care

Most of us spend a lot of time and money getting our Central Florida lawns to look perfect only to wake up one morning and see weeds or large brown spots where insects have been dining! Fighting Mother Nature can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, however technology has developed things to help in the “War on Weeds and Bugs”.
To rid your lawn of weeds there are two broad categories of herbicides:

Pre-emergent herbicides
 can be used to stop weeds from sprouting and are manufactured under a variety of brand names. 

Post-emergent herbicides
 kill plants that have already sprouted. These too are manufactured under a wide range of brand names. 
In making the choice of which herbicide to use you need to know; what type of grass you have and what type of weeds you are battling, so you can purchase something that will eliminate the unwanted plants while leaving your turfgrass relatively untouched.
If your lawn is infested with grass killing insects you need to look to an insecticide or pesticide. There are also several types of pesticides:

There are several variations of pesticides.

Selective pesticides are formulated to deal with a specific problem.

Non-selective pesticides indiscriminately kill anything that they contact.

Systemic pesticides are chemicals that are taken up the roots of the plant and only kill whatever insect is eating the grass once it has ingested it.

Topical or contact pesticides kill insects on contact and are sprayed or sprinkled on top of the grass.

Liquid, Powder or Granules

  • Liquids are easy to apply and stick to the surface when dry.
  • Powders or dusts are applied in their dry state.
  • Granules are applied like powders, usually to the soil, but cause less dust.
Concentrates are mixed with a delivery medium (usually water) and sprayed.
Synthetic pesticides are chemical compounds formulated to attack certain pests.
Organic pesticides serve the same purpose as synthetics, but are formulated from organic or other natural sources. 
Again you need to know exactly what is eating your lawn to be able to determine what herbicide, pesticide or insecticide you should use.