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How to Get a Lush, Green Lawn in the Shade

Jul 23, 2018 | Lawn Care

Not all turf is built to withstand the shade. For areas that don’t get at least six hours of direct sun a day, selecting the right type of sod variety is incredibly important in order for your lawn to thrive.

Evaluate Your Sunlight

A number of factors may affect the amount of sunlight that reaches your grass. Buildings and trees can block sunlight, while different seasons can also affect the amount of sunlight your lawn gets.

If you’re not sure how much sunlight reaches your lawn throughout the day, make it a priority to record the amount of full sun, partial sun or full shade that will reach your sod.

Types of Sod That Tolerate Shade

Just like not all grasses grow well in different climates, some varieties of grass tolerate reduced sun better than others.

If your yard does not receive a lot of full sunlight, here are a few varieties to consider:

Palmetto St. Augustine

A St. Augustine cultivar, this grass was developed to promote shade tolerance. It performs excellently in areas that get no more than four hours of direct sunlight daily, while also thriving in direct sunlight. It’s very good under drought conditions and has good wear tolerance.

Seville St. Augustine

Seville is considered a dwarf cultivar that is a much finer textured grass than Floratam. Seville is blue-green in color with excellent color retention. It is considered one of the most shade tolerant turf grass among the St Augustine grasses.

Celebration Bermudagrass

The two major types of bermudagrass in the Central Florida area are Celebration Bermuda Grass and Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass. Celebration Bermudagrass is a mutation of the hybrid cultivator of Bermuda, Cynodon dactylon. This hybrid was chosen because it has a beautiful blue-green color, and is aesthetically pleasing. But it also has a low growing habit, excellent drought tolerance, and adaptability to light-moderate shade, making it easy to take care of.

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