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Reasons Professional Sodding Beats Out DIY

Apr 13, 2015 | Lawn Care

Is your lawn looking like it’s in dire need of some serious help? Are you thinking of putting down some new turf in your yard? Investing in professional sodding is money well spent. When done well, sodding can establish a lawn and allow it to integrate successfully. However, if done improperly, you run the risk that your lawn simply won’t take and all you’ll have to show for your efforts is a lot of dead, unattractive grass.

So how do you ensure that your lawn grows full and beautifully? Hire the pros.

Preparing to Sod

There are a few things to check off your list before having sod installed by a Central Florida sod farm, such as choosing the right sod for your property, ensuring all weeds are killed, and that your lawn is graded and your soil is as healthy as possible. Read our blog post on how to prepare you lawn for sod installation to find out all of our tricks and tips!

The Risks of DIY

You may be tempted to try out sodding your yard by yourself, but be warned, it is harder than it looks. An expert not only knows how to lay sod properly, but also knows how to work within your existing environment to create an aesthetically pleasing, even finish. Without this exact knowledge, you might end up with a patchy effect.

Hire the Central Florida Sod Professionals

Whether you are looking for a new lawn or you need to re-sod, at Lake Jem Farms, we specialize in not only getting you the perfect grass for your home, but in helping you keeping that grass green and fresh. Known to be one of the top sod installation companies in Central Florida, it is our promise that you will get nothing but the best sod available. While other companies are resellers letting their sod sit around, all our sod types are freshly grown and go straight to you when you are ready.