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Set Your Mower Height for Your Specific Grass Type

Jun 14, 2011 | Lawn Care

Ok – you have had your new sod laid, it has taken root and it is time to mow.  Simple right?  Not necessarily.   Each type of grass needs to have the mower set at a specific height in order to ensure it stays healthy.  In the Florida heat, cutting your lawn grass too short can damage and even kill it.  

The following is a guide for grass types on when to mow and where to set your mower:

  • Common Bermuda and Zoysia, set your mower at 1 ¼“ and mow when the grass is 1 ¾ inch tall.
  • Hybrid Bermuda grass, set your mower to ¾”  and mow when the grass is 1 ¼ inch tall.
  • St. Augustine, set your mower to 2” and mow when the grass is 3” tall for sunny conditions and set your mower to 3” and mow when the grass is 4” in shady conditions.
  • Centipede grass, set your mower at 1 ½” and mow when the grass reaches 2” tall.

By following these guidelines you may find that you need to mow more often than you are used to but isn’t having a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood worth it?  In addition to proper water and fertilizing, mowing your lawn properly can help lessen the chances of your lawn being invaded by weeds, insects, disease or developing dead areas due to scalping and thatch building up.