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Using a Commercial Sod Farm for Your Next Turf Project

Oct 18, 2017 | Lawn Installation

Maintaining a good looking, vibrant and healthy lawn is high on the list of importance for commercial property owners who understand the value of landscape investment. If you have plans to lay down new turf for your commercial property you have two options to consider – starting from scratch by planting seeds and waiting for it to grow OR laying down sod for instant greenery.

The three main factors that will influence your decisions are time, budget and maintenance.

Choosing a Sod Farm for Your Commercial Landscaping

Sod will give you instant green gratification as it comes ready made from a local turf grower or nursery and is delivered straight to your business or property. It can also be used to patch into an already existing lawn to replace damaged areas, fill in holes, or freshen up heavy foot traffic areas.

Saving Time

A great advantage of using sod is that there is no waiting period after installation to experience a beautiful green vista. Timing is not an issue with sod, as is the case with seed, because you can lay it down at any time of the year. However, during the hot summer heat, it is important to be mindful of the stressful planting conditions that the sod undergoes and ensure that the turf is irrigated properly in order to prevent the surface from becoming scorched by the sun. The sod should be properly maintained and well watered initially to enable the roots to get strong and establish themselves in the soil.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Sod is more of an initial investment than seed, but it is less of a risk. Seed has the potential to be swept away, eaten or just not grow, whereas sod is instantly a beautiful addition to your property.

If your property consists of slopes, installing sod will almost immediately take care of erosion concerns, whereas newly planted seeds may be washed away in water runoff during adverse weather conditions.

Maintenance is less rigorous for newly laid sod than it is for newly seeded ground because the turf has already been established at the local sod farm before transportation. The main concern is to ensure that the soil is prepared so that the sod can take root easily. Weeds are also less of a problem because the established turf is already mature and can resist most weeds.

The Advantages of Sod for Your Commercial Property 

  • Instant turf with low maintenance

  • Instant gratification with no waiting period for the lawn to establish
  • Mature and strong turf that prevents erosion and resists weeds
  • Can be installed during any time of the year without concerns of seed loss during adverse weather conditions
  • No waiting period for seeds to establish themselves and grow
  • Handles heavy foot traffic better than seeded turf