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What Exactly IS Sod Grass?

Oct 27, 2017 | Turfgrass Products

Traditional grass seeds grow and form complicated root systems that primarily travel outwards, eventually forming blades of grass that then resurface. This is not always ideal for gardeners, who need more control of root placement under the soil.

Sod, on the other hand, is living grass in the form of a carpet. Basically, sod is pre-planted grass whose roots go into the dirt, creating a complex knot, which forms a mat that can be extracted later on.

How is Sod Formed?

The term sod can be used to describe grass that is visible and the roots extending into the soil. As explained before, the knotted roots of the sod create a mat. Once extracted, the sections of sod carpet can then be transported and installed in your lawn without falling apart.

Some Benefits of Sod
  • You have a beautiful lawn much faster than when using grass seed
  • You don’t have to wait for certain times of the year to install sod like you do with grass seed
  • Sod takes root better than seed and is much more reliable
  • You won’t be spending your summer pulling weeds when you use sod instead of grass seed

A sod carpet takes no more than two weeks to properly establish itself in the soil; after which it can be walked upon. In the case of a seeded yard, it could take months.

Buying Local Sod from a Central Florida Sod Farm

Choosing to buy your sod from a local, Central Florida sod farm is your best option for a few reasons. The first reason is that transportation expenses will be cheaper when buying local. Second, as a living organism, sod is at risk during long transportation and can possibly be damaged over long distances. Lastly, buying local means that your sod will be appropriate for the local climate.