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Where Is the Best Place to Find St. Augustine Sod for Sale?

May 29, 2019 | Turfgrass Products

St. Augustine sod is one of the most popular options for Central Florida lawns. That’s because St. Augustine grass is native to Florida, making it well suited for our intensely hot summers. It also comes in several different variations, allowing you to choose the perfect type of grass for your needs. Whether you choose the Bitterblue, Palmetto, Seville, or Floratam variation depends on the type of lawn or field you’re looking to buy sod for.

Palmetto is known to be tolerant of almost all the elements, from frost to heat to drought – making it a great selection for year-round enjoyment. Bitterblue is known for being a green to blue-green shade, with a fine, dense texture, and is adaptable to most soil and climatic regions in Florida. Seville is known for being the most shade resistant turfgrass among the St. Augustine variations – giving you more flexibility in placement. Finally, Floratam is one of the most common turfgrasses used, as it was specifically designed for hot, humid climates.  All of the St. Augustine variations have a fine texture, making them a great choice for your lawn.

Where to Buy St. Augustine Sod in Central Florida

While many people’s first instinct it to go to a big box store to buy sod in an attempt to save money, that’s not always the cheapest or best option.

In regards to price, it’s always best to compare ahead of time. For example, you would find that Lake Jem Farms’ costs for pallets of sod and for delivery are usually cheaper than what you would find at these large chains. Plus, there are other advantages of purchasing your sod from a local sod farm as well. A sod farm hand-picks their products, meaning the quality of the sod will be vastly better than what you could get at a larger home improvement store.

In addition to a better price and quality, local sod farms have employees who are knowledgeable in the different types of sod and can assist you in finding the right grass type for your lawn.

St. Augustine Sod for Sale

If you’re ready to get the lawn you’ve always wanted, contact Lake Jem Farms today. We have St. Augustine sod that is perfect for the Florida environment because it is grown right here at our Central Florida sod farm. We work daily to distribute the highest quality turfgrass products by cultivating and strengthening our relationships with customers and partners around the globe.