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Bahia Grass: A Popular Floridian Type

Jun 16, 2012 | Turfgrass Products

Previously, we told you about St. Augustine grass, the most popular type of grass in Florida.  We have also previously written about Empire Zoysia, a new and upcoming grass breed that many people have decided to install in their yards.  But there are still other options for adding sod to your yard if neither of these floats your boat.

Bahia Grass has been used in the United States for almost a century, as it was introduced from Brazil in 1914 as a grass mainly used in pastures and in sandy areas.  It can be established either by using sod or by using seed, although sod is the easier of the options.  It is very drought tolerant, and does not form much thatch or need a lot of fertilization, which is why it is so useful in the Florida area.  One of the few problems with Bahia grass in this respect is its lack of Iron, which can cause it to turn a yellow hue.

The most common type of Bahia grass is just known as common Bahia grass, and it is light in color and course in texture, used generally for planting along roadsides by states and counties instead of for lawn use.  Argentine Bahia grass makes the best choice for home lawns, as it has the most cold tolerance and resistance from insects and diseases.

Other types of Bahia are Pensecola and Paraguay Bahia Grass.  Pensacola tolerates both hot and cold temperatures, and has an extensive root system.  But like common Bahia grass, it is mostly used for roadside plantings because it has an abundance of seed heads.  Paraguay grass is also known as being not cold tolerant and having some issues with dollar weeds.

Clearly, many of the Bahia grasses are not right for your home lawn, but may work in a business capacity.  This is why it is so important to have a trusted professional help you choose the proper grass for your lawn.