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Central Florida Commercial Sod Installation

Apr 14, 2015 | Turfgrass Products

Buying sod for your commercial property is a big investment. That’s why buying high quality, local sod from a Central Florida sod farm and ensuring it is installed properly is so important; not only for the initial appearance of the grass, but for the longevity of your investment.
Be sure that your sod and sod installation is as easy and painless as possible with these few tips:

Manage Your Time

For a large commercial property installation, you need the right amount of manpower and time to get the job done correctly. Be sure that you have a realistic time frame and be upfront with your employees, clients or residents about your time estimate and how the installation would affect them.
Sometimes it can be hard to estimate a reasonable time frame. If you have any questions about buying sod for a commercial property, call Lake Jem Farms to speak with our customer service department.  We can consult you on the time it will take and can recommend types of turfgrass that will work the best with your property. From the minute you call us until you’re perfectly satisfied with your sod, we work with you to make your business successful – because if you are successful, we are successful.

Choose Professionals and Locals

Installing sod for a commercial property is a large-scale process. Hiring professionals who have experience in installing sod will ensure that it runssmoothly. With three full service sod farm distribution centers located around South and Central Florida, Lake Jem Farms can handle any job, in bulk or in singularity. We do everything possible to make the process of re-sodding and new sod installation easy and painless.

Don’t Forget to Prep

Your commercial property turfgrass will have a better chance at success if you follow the traditional steps leading up to the installation. This means making sure things like drainage and runoff are sorted. If you need more information on what to do before installing sod, visit our article on the topic or ask one of our consultants about what needs to be done prior to the install once you make a decision on turf type.