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Choosing a Central Florida Sod Farm

Jan 20, 2016 | Turfgrass Products

You might know the feeling… grass envy. Staring over at your neighbor’s lawn, perplexed as to why your yard doesn’t quite match up to theirs despite your best efforts. Even if you’ve laid down turfgrass before, the unfortunate truth is that turfgrass quality fluctuates. It can be high-end and plush, all the way down to low-grade, rough and scratchy.
Some homebuilders decide to go for low-quality grass to cut corners and save money, but in the end, you are resigned to an unsightly lawn. If you’re not happy with your current lawn, Central Florida sod is your best alternative. With so many choices out there, here’s what you need to know when planning to purchase new sod for your yard:

1. Local is Best

Choosing to buy your sod from a local, Central Florida sod farm is your best option for a few reasons. First is that it is going to cost less for the minimal transportation expenses. Second, as a living organism, sod is at risk during long transportation and can possibly be damaged over long distances. Lastly, buying local means that your sod will be appropriate for your local climate.

2. Find Your Superior Sod

Choosing “Grade A” sod means that it had the lowest possible weed content possible. This is a great checkpoint for sod. When choosing the superior turfgrass appropriate for your yard take into consideration if you need bug resistant, cold or heat resistant, drought resistant sod, a special feel, special color or all of the above.

3. Choose a Company Who Does It All

At Lake Jem Farms, we have the high quality sod you are looking for and will bring it directly to you and even install it.Whether this is a new lawn or you need to re-sod, we specialize in not only getting you the perfect grass for your home, but in helping you keeping that grass green and fresh.