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Curb Appeal – Adding Value to Your Home

May 12, 2012 | Turfgrass Products

With the housing marketing still struggling to recover homeowners need to do everything they can to make their home attractive to potential buyers.  One of the most important things is your landscaping!  You know what they say about first impressions.  If a buyer pulls up in front of your house and the first thing they see is a dead or dying lawn you have lost the first round of the “war”.  Even if the inside of your home is exactly what they are looking for, they are already approaching your home with reservations from their first impression.

In this economy people can be hesitant to spend money on what they might see as something that might only last a short time, however realtors agree when it comes to “curb appeal” it is worth the investment to get your landscaping in good shape.  Getting the right type of quality turfgrass is the first step in your landscaping process.  Understanding what type of grass will grow best in your yard and then buying it from a reputable sod grower is critical to laying a successful foundation for your lawn.  From there you can decide what flowers and shrubs to add.  Trimming up existing hedges as well as making sure that all flower beds are free of weeds will give your home that polished look and will definitely add value.