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Ideal Length for Types of Grass

Jul 9, 2012 | Lawn Care

The ideal length for grass varies from type to type.  Some grasses are made to be shorter, while others are made to be higher.  Asking an expert at Lake Jem Farms about your specific type of sod is important, as the length the grass should be cut can even vary during its lifetime – for example, you may need to leave the grass longer while it is in its early stages and establishing roots, but it can be cut shorter in the future.  The length for the different grass types also depends on what type of grass you have first and foremost.  In general, those grasses in warmer climates, like Florida, thrive with very short mowing heights, while those that are in cooler climates are better kept at a higher mowing height.   Other factors that can affect how often you should cut your grass include the soil fertility, rainfall, and amount of sun or shade in the area.

In general, experts say that grass should be kept around 2 inches in length.  Depending on your mower, though, you may need to set it to cut at a higher height, as the height of cut on some rotary mowers is not accurate.  You should also make sure that you are mowing often enough that you are always removing less than 1/3 of the blade length at a time.  By only removing a little grass at a time instead of trying to cut very long grass short, you will keep the quality of the cut and the quality of the grass better.

No matter what type of grass you have and what length it needs to be at, there are some things to take into consideration while cutting it.  First and foremost, you must pick a lawn mower that is right for your yard.  Make sure that it has a sharp blade, as a dull blade can rip grass instead of cutting it, which can leave the grass blades uneven and ragged, and eventually cause yellowing of the grass.  You also need to check that the deck in the mower is level.  If it is not sitting level to the ground, it will not cut level, which can also create problems for your lawn.

Keeping these tips in consideration and also learning more about your specific sod choice will allow you to make the best decisions for how often to cut your grass.