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Top 4 Summer Sod Tips for Central Florida Lawns

May 18, 2017 | Lawn Care

Summertime in Central Florida mean sunshine, barbecues and time spent outside with family and friends. But sudden summer downpours and powerful Florida humidity can cause summer landscapes to be especially susceptible to disease.

To keep your lawn looking its best, here are our top four tips to keep your turfgrass healthy this summer.

1. Monitor Hydration

It’s easy to think that the more water your grass has in our hot summers, the better off it is, but overwatering can also cause issues with your lawn. Soggy roots can lead to root rot, pest infestations, and other turfgrass diseases.

With all of the downpours we get in Florida, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast before watering your lawn.

When watering sod in the summer, water thoroughly, making sure the moisture penetrates to the roots of your grass. Then don’t water again until the water has evaporated from the soil.

2. Irrigation

Along the same lines as hydration, it is important to ensure the excess water has somewhere to go. Be sure to check the drainage in your yard.

If your yard collects pools of water after a heavy rainfall, adjust the slope of your lawn, dig a drain ditch, or install a landscape drainage system.

3. Know When to Mow

If you mow grass that is showing signs of disease, you could exacerbate the issue. To restore the health of your turfgrass, refrain from mowing sod during a drought.

Always keep mower blades sharp to prevent tearing or injuring your grass.

4. Choose the Right Sod

Before you even begin worrying about how to care for your sod during the summer, it’s wise to ensure you choose the proper sod for your lawn to start with. When you live in Central Florida, you need to make sure your residential sod can take the heat. Lake Jem Farms has plenty of great sod options for Central Florida, because it’s grown locally.