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What is Eating My Lawn?

Jul 27, 2011 | Lawn Care

We all work hard on our lawns – mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing and yet one day you look out over your yard and something is wrong!  There is a brown spot in your yard and the next time you look there is another.  What is eating your lawn?
In Florida the more we work to get our yard green the more we invite pests in for a smorgasbord!  Yes these bugs lie in wait until all our hard work has paid off so they can feast on the fruits of our labor.   Pests, like chinch bugs, can seriously damage St. Augustine an other turf types by sucking the juices from the plants causing discoloration and serious damage to the internal structure of the grass. 
There are also several caterpillars, such as armyworms, webworms and grubworms that get the grass blade and shoots causing major damage to turf grass as well.  These specific pests are more common in the fall months.   Or mole crickets, which destroy lawns by tunneling through the soil near the surface of your lawn, loosening the soil which often uproots the grass killing it by drying out the root system.  They also feed on grass roots which can thin the turf, eventually result in bare spots in your yard.  Mole Crickets are most common during our Spring and Summer seasons when the temperatures are warm and rainfall and humidity are high.
Understanding what is “eating” your lawn is the first step in combating the issue.  Then you need to understand what options you have in fighting these pesky critters.  There are several different pesticides from natural to synthetic, or you can always call a lawn service.